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R-Conrad Consulting is often employed after traditional healthcare consulting firms have failed to meet expectations. The bottom-line is we deliver results!

Precisely Matched ­Healthcare Consultants Who Address Your Challenges

R-Conrad customizes your consulting engagement around your goals so that the process improvements you achieve exactly fit your requirements. As your medical consultants we offer solutions that can help you renew focus, reduce waste, increase satisfaction, and improve efficiency. These changes deliver benefits across your organization.

Health Care Consulting that Delivers Real, Measurable Results

We provide a turnkey approach offering clients both a “prescription for change” and a proprietary system for delivering real, measurable results. Our medical consultants offer expertise, flexibility, adaptability, and specialized problem-solving knowledge. , They offer a fail-safe approach to value realization. By working quickly and efficiently, they are able to move the needle and bring projects across the finish line in record time.

Set a New Direction for Your Business with R-Conrad Consulting

If you are struggling to diagnose the reason(s) why an initiative or process is failing, or contemplating making a change in your business, we invite you to give us a call for an objective and complimentary assessment. We will ask the right questions to help you correct a nagging departmental issue, or set a new direction for your business to better meet market demands.

To learn more about how our experienced health care consulting professionals and proven solutions can help your company, please contact us for a complimentary assessment.


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    • Process Improvement Experts
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Organizational Accountability and Sustainability

A new organizational initiative is announced and is assigned to one of the most respected and top leaders in the organization. It is announced with fanfare, luncheons and communicated everyday with emails, brochures and fliers. We are off to a great start, but somewhere around the 6 month mark we are still not achieving our goals. New initiatives such as patient satisfaction, patient flow or reduction in re-admissions still are not reaching the goals we have set for our hospital system. There are many reasons our strategic initiatives fail, in fact 60-90% of these initiatives will miss the intended mark. One of the reasons may be directly lin… Read More »

4 Areas to Leverage in Surgical Services

4 Areas to Leverage in Surgical Services

For over the last 9 years, we have been helping healthcare organizations drive strategy as well as large projects to successful completion. One of our main areas of focus has been Surgical Services. Surgical Services is by far one of the least understood areas outside of the OR Suite. It can be quite intimidating to the outsider watching patients, machines, instruments and staff move at high paced speeds to ensure the patient is treated in a timely fashion. The patient can be exposed to high risk in this environment and it is a testament to the people working in these systems to eliminate/mitigate hazards associated with their work. One might… Read More »

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Care Coordination for Behavioral Health

From a Families’ Optic Last Thursday night I received a phone call from a family member who was experiencing an intense panic attic and anxiety. Often times, those who are susceptible to panic attacks have worsening of their symptoms when experiencing high stress levels. Luckily these days there are medications and behavioral treatments that can greatly reduce the occurrence of these events. Medications are only a portion of the treatment. Patients require access to psychiatrists and behavioral therapists. That is why we must talk about transitions of care to be an effective patient centered healthcare system. During the discharge proce… Read More »


Are Your Support Processes a Source of Customer Dissatisfaction?

Standing in the warehouse of a large copier service organization, I started talking with one of the associates. He sets up new machines for delivery and receives old machines for repair or product obsolescence. One of the questions I like to ask is, “Has anything changed lately – such as any significant shifts in the business that have you scratching your head and wondering what’s going on?”  His response was, “Well, yes.  We’re bringing in twice as many machines from our customers than we’re sending out.” Now, for a copier business this is a significant problem! The warehousing associate went on to say that this shift began in the last six m… Read More »

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Lost Knowledge

Over the holidays my grandkids were asking for homemade chocolate chip cookies. So I went to the store, bought all the ingredients, mixed up a batch of cookies and put them in the oven. Still warm from the oven, the kids couldn’t wait to take the first bite.  Their reaction was unanimous.  “GPa, these don’t taste like Mommy’s.” I had missed a key ingredient in the recipe, and they did taste really bad! How could this happen?  I mean I have made these cookies for over 30 years, and they had always been perfect.  I knew exactly what happened, we had just moved, and I tried to make the cookies from memory rather than looking for the recipe.  My … Read More »

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Intentional Investing

We recently moved into a four-story condominium, with no elevator!  Yes, this is the year of firm legs and butts for the summer season. Many of you may be shaking your heads wondering why someone would make a decision like this.  Besides the guilt of facing scornful furniture movers, there’s the horrible realization when you forget something on the first floor.  More than once. At the beginning, trips to the fourth floor were few and far between.  Each trek was strictly due to necessity, and completed without joy and a lot of moaning – speaking for myself. Then something magical happened.  I found myself making the trip to the top floor effor… Read More »


Protect Your Skilled Players with Process Excellence

Competitors always win!  I played washers, a game like horseshoes,  with a former Dallas Ballet dancer and an Oncologist at a lake house July 4th weekend.  Both were fierce competitors who had an intense focus on winning. It is a beautiful thing to watch two type A personalities dual it out even with such a simple game! One of the most notable observations was the intensity in their eyes and the obvious frustration with every bad throw. In healthcare who are your winners? Your physicians! They have endured years of education and training and healthcare leaders must provide them with an environment and a voice in a system that wins. This creat… Read More »

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Does Your Consultant Look Like Help? (Part 2)

Lets break this down into three topics that ironically are the same key criteria that any good consulting company is focusing on while trying to be your next client. 1.  Resonate: Your new valued partner should resonate or have experience and knowledge of your particular problem. Not only with that particular issue but it should resonate with you on the process they utilize to help and engage your organization with long term sustainable solutions. 2.  Differentiate: What makes your new partner different from the others?  Do they have a particular methodology or way of going about solving your issues that will work with your organization cultu… Read More »

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Does Your Consultant Look Like Help? (Part 1)

I know this has happened to you because it has happened to me.  An organizational problem has presented itself and continues to be a chronic issue. This problem / issue could have been around for some time but now someone has brought this awareness to you and it continues to haunt you on a regular basis. Or it could be you hired consultants to conduct an analysis of your organization and they have uncovered a particular issue that has become a new burning platform! We have all been there and we have struggled how to resolve these organizational burdens that impacts our patients, physicians and staff. If you have tried to resolve the problem w… Read More »


We have had Lean and Six Sigma in our organization for years and we were having good results but adding the change management methodology has brought us to transformational results in a short amount of time. Many leaders underestimate the amount of horsepower they have under the hood of their current organization.
By involving our employees at every aspect of our strategy, it created a sense of felt responsibility on their part to help achieve the Mission set forth by senior leadership.
Success is contagious, once we started seeing positive resistance-free change in one part of our organization, the other departments wanted to experience the feeling and rewards of being successful and empowered to move our company to the next level.
It just happened! One day we are talking about what we need to do and then a few months later we are seeing significant milestones that had alluded us for years start to be realized!  The key was un-tapping the power of the knowledge in our organization and allowing our employees to change their work processes and environment one project at a time. We found so many talents that lay hidden in our organizational chart!

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